Hologram Screen

Posted by Stefano on May 04, 2017

Hologram Screen

Hologram Screen Blows People Away. A company in E. China's Nanjing has created a fan-like screen that gives off dazzling 3D images as it spins. Check out the next gadget craze set to sweep the

Holographic Screen. A holographic screen is a two dimensional display technology that uses coated glass media for the projection surface of a video projector. "Holographic" refers not to a stereoscopic effect (for that, see Holographic display), but to the coating that bundles light using formed microlenses. The lens design and attributes match the holographic area.

Hologram Screen

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Pyramid Hologram Screen Up & Down [4K]. Plasma filaments and beams, made from argon and other gases. Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid, and gas. The audio is a homemade mix of my

3D Holographic Projection Screen Displays. This projection glass screen or back projection screen can also include a touch screen function that can be adapted to the screen for interactive content. To create a holographic video display using the hologram technology glass on your front window, visit our “Holographic & Shapely Projections “.

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Rear Projection Holographic Screen. Clearview’s Holographic Effect (sometimes known as ‘fauxlography’) is a popular ‘false hologram’ visual display choice for museums, live events and product launches, to name just a few examples, offering a semi-transparent projection screen that creates an amazing visual effect.

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